Tesseract Mobile

Wave Motion


Category : Unique
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Skill
Difficulty : Hard
Time : Medium


Arrange the cards into 4 suited sequences built down from King to Ace.



– 8 Tableau Columns at the top with no cards – use this space to build sequences.

– 8 Reserve Stacks below with 6-7 cards each – no building is allowed.



At the start of the game, the Tableaus are empty.  Move cards from the Reserves up to the Tableau columns building down in rank from King to Ace in suit.  Ordered stacks of cards can be moved.

Cards from the Reserve can only be played onto the Tableaus.  Empty Reserve spaces cannot be refilled.



The game is won when you have created 4 stacks in suit from King to Ace.

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