Tesseract Mobile


Vortex 1

Category : Golf
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Skill
Difficulty : Medium
Time : Short


A game of strategy similar to Golf and Black Hole.



– 18 Tableau Stacks around an empty center “Vortex”.



Select any card from the Tableau to move into the Vortex. From that card you can build up or down regardless of suit, wrapping from Ace to King as needed. Cards can only go into the vortex – they cannot be moved among stacks.



Send all cards into the vortex to win.



Most of the time Vortex can be won if played strategically.

– When deciding between stacks, consider the card that will be uncovered by removing your card. Choose the stack with the most cards or with cards that you will need soonest.

– It is not advisable to change directions often since you may eliminate a rank that you will need later.

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