Tesseract Mobile



Category : Unique
Type : Double Deck
Luck : Luck
Difficulty : Easy
Time : Medium


~ Double Deck ~

– 8 Foundations surround the center King.

– 8 Tableau Cards – 4 on each side.

– The Deck on the right with 1 card turned up.



The King of Hearts in the center is called the Sultan. The 8 Foundations surrounding the Sultan are built up in suit from King to Ace to Queen. The top center Foundation builds up in suit from Ace to Queen. To win, surround the Sultan with his harem of 8 Queens.

Cards in the Tableau can be only be moved to a Foundation – no building is allowed on Tableau. Empty Tableau spaces are filled automatically with the upcard from the deck.

Tap the Deck to turn up 1 card at a time. These cards can be moved to the Foundations. Only 3 passes through the deck are allowed.



Move all cards to the Foundations so that the Sultan is surrounded by his 8 Queens.

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