Tesseract Mobile

Mod 3


Category : Picture Gallery
Type : Double Deck
Luck : Luck
Difficulty : Easy
Time : Medium


Similar to Picture Gallery except that empty spaces in the tableau can be filled with any 1 card.



~Double Deck~

– 24 Foundations which build up in suit by 3s.  The 8 Foundations on the top row all start with a 2 and build 2-5-8-Jack, the second row Foundations start with a 3 and build 3-6-9-Queen, the 3rd row builds 4-7-10-King.

– 8 Tableau Stacks – no building is allowed.

– The Deck on the right.

– The Ace Pile on the left.



Double-tap Aces to move them to the Ace Pile.  This should create some open space in the Foundations.  2s can be placed in the top-row openings, 3s in the 2nd row and 4s in the 3rd row.  These can then be built up in suit by increments of three (2-5-8-J, 3-6-9-Q, 4-7-10-K).

Cards are shaded until they are placed correctly.  For example, a 5 will be shaded unless it is on top of a 2 in the top row.

The 4th row down is the Tableau.  These cards can be placed onto the Foundations.  Any card can be moved to an empty Tableau space, either from the Foundations or from another Tableau stack.  When play come to a standstill, tap the deck to deal out one card to each Tableau stack.



Create a complete Picture Gallery of face cards to win.

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