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Lady Jane

lady jane 2

Category : Klondike
Type : Double Deck
Luck : Skill
Difficulty : Easy
Time : Long

lady jane


A Klondike-style game, but the Tableaus build like Spider.



~ Double Deck ~

– 10 Tableau Stacks 1-10 cards high – build down regardless of suit.

– 8 Foundations – build up from Ace to King in suit.

– The Deck on the left with 3 cards turned up.



Cards in the Tableau can be moved to a Foundation or onto another Tableau stack.  Tableau stacks can be built down regardless of suit, but ordered groups can only be moved if they share the same suit.  For example, if you have 3 and 4 of Spades on top of a 5 of Hearts, only the 3 and 4 can be moved as a group.  An emptied stack can be filled with any card or stack.

Tap the Deck to turn up 3 cards at a time.  The topmost card can be moved to the Foundations or the Tableau.  Only 2 passes through the deck are allowed.



Move all cards to the Foundations to win.

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