Tesseract Mobile

Gay Gordons

Category : Pairing
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Medium
Time : Short


– 1 Tableau Stack of 2 cards.

– 5 Tableau Stacks of 10 cards each. If one stack has 3 Jacks, the middle Jack is exchanged with the top card of the 2-card Tableau.



Remove pairs of number cards that add up to 11 regardless of suit. Kings can be paired with Queens, but only if their suits are not the same. Jacks are paired with other Jacks. Therefore, the cards that can be removed are Ace+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7, 5+6, K+Q unsuited, J+J.



Remove the entire Tableau to win.

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