Tesseract Mobile

Flower Garden

Flower Garden 1

Category : Unique
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Hard
Time : Short


– 5 Tableau Stacks form the “Garden” – build down regardless of suit.

– 4 Foundations on the right – build up from Ace to King in suit.

– 16 Reserve Cards on the left form the “Bouquet”.



Cards in the Tableau can be moved to a Foundation or onto another Tableau stack, but only the top card can be moved. The Tableau builds down without regard to suit, so any 4 can go onto a 5. An emptied stack can be filled with any card or stack. Any card in the “Bouquet” can be played onto the Tableau or Foundations. Empty “Bouquet” spaces cannot be refilled.



Move all cards to the Foundations to win.

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