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Bristol Easy


Category : Bristol
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Skill
Difficulty : Easy
Time : Medium



Identical to Bristol except an empty space can be filled with any card, not just a King.



– 8 Tableau Stacks – build down regardless of suit.

– 4 Foundations – build up from Ace to King in suit.

– The Deck on the left.



Cards in the Tableau can be moved to a Foundation or onto another Tableau stack.  Only one card may be moved at a time.  The Tableau builds down without regard to suit, so any 4 can go onto a 5.  An empty space can be filled with any card.

Tap the deck to deal out 3 cards.  Any of these cards may be moved onto the Tableau or the Foundations.



Move all cards to the Foundations to win.


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Tips & Strategies:

Only one card may be moved at a time, so it is important to try and build in suit whenever possible.  Try not to cover up too many cards with a lower rank, otherwise the game will be over rather soon.

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