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Category : Unique
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Medium
Time : Long


Play cards into the Pin Piles. Unplayable cards are placed in the Ball Piles. Try to fill as many Pins as possible for each of the 10 Frames.



– 10 Pin Piles.

– The Deck at the top right.

– 2 Ball Piles which can contain up to 3 cards each, located below the Deck.



Cards from the deck are turned up 1 at a time. Once a card has been turned up, it must be placed on one of the Pin Piles or onto the Ball Pile. Pin Piles must be filled in order with low ranking cards at the bottom and the highest card at the top right. Since there are 13 ranks of cards and only 10 Pins, the challenge is to predict what ranks will not be drawn.

For example, if you draw and Ace, you should place it in the bottom Pin Pile. If you draw a King it should go into the top right Pin. After several cards, you may end up with the arrangement shown below:

9 _ Q K

5 _ 7

2 4


In this example, only a 10 or a Jack can go into the empty Pin at the top. The empty Pin between the 5 and 7 can ONLY be filled with a 6. You can put multiple cards of the same rank into the same pile, so if you draw another 2 it can be placed on top of the 2 Pin. If you draw a 3 or an 8, it must be placed in the Ball Pile since it CANNOT be placed with the Pins.

If you fill all the Pins before filling the first Ball Pile, you get a Strike. If you fill the first Ball Pile you start with your second Ball. If you fill all the Pins before filling your second Ball Pile, you will have a Spare. If you fill both Ball Piles the Frame will end and you will go on to a new Frame.



A score of 200 points wins the game.


Tips & Strategies:

For more information about this game, check out this Bowling Strategy Guide!


How the game got it’s name:

Bowling solitaire received the name from it’s unique similarities to the sport, Bowling.  The solitaire layout has ten pins laid out just like you would see on a bowling lane.  The scoring for this game is also based off the 10 frame score board used in the bowling.

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