Tesseract Mobile

Agnes Sorel

Category : Klondike
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Medium
Time : Medium


Similar to Agnes Bernauer without reserve piles.



– 7 Tableau Stacks 1-7 cards high – build down in same color.

– 4 Foundations – build up in suit.

– The Deck – deals 1 card to each tableau.



One card is dealt onto the first Foundation. This rank must be used as the base for the other Foundations. Foundations are built up in suit, wrapping from King to Ace as necessary.

Cards in the Tableau can be moved to a Foundation or onto another Tableau stack. The Tableau builds down in the same color wrapping from Ace to King. Ordered piles can be moved as a group. An empty space can be filled with any card or ordered stack.

When play comes to a standstill, tap the Deck to deal out 1 card to each Tableau stack.



Move all cards to the Foundations to win.

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