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Aces Up

Aces Up

Category : Unique
Type : 1 Deck
Luck : Balanced
Difficulty : Hard
Time : Short


-4 tableau spaces with 1 card each

-the deck on the left

-the waste pile on the right



Remove as many cards as possible into the waste pile. A card can be removed so long as there is a higher card of that same suit exposed on the board. Aces are considered high. Tap a card to remove it, or tap the deck to deal out 4 more cards. Any card can be moved to an empty space.



The game is won when all cards have been removed except Aces!


Tips & Strategies:

For more information about this game, check out this Aces Up Strategy Guide!


How the game got it’s name:

The goal is to remove all cards except for the Aces.  Instead of Aces being worth 1, they are worth 14.  This makes them the highest ranking exposed card on the Tableau.  The Aces are “up”.


Alternative Names:

Aces High

Down and Out



* Idiot’s Delight

* One-Two-Three-Four

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