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Twenty Solitaire

Twenty Solitaire is the easiest of the Colorado-style solitaire games. This game involves discovery of plays, like the solitaire equivalent of an Easter egg hunt. It is so simple to learn! All you do is move cards from the lower 2 rows (the tableau) up to the top row (foundations) which build in suit. When you run out of moves, tap the deck to deal out 1 card to each tableau.

Eventually, the game gets a bit more challenging, if you want to get strategic about it.  In the screenshot above, you could play both 8♣ and the 9♣ onto the foundations, which are about to meet in the middle. OR you can play up one 8♣ to the 9 foundation and then move the 7 and 6 from the Ace foundation to the King foundation.  This move is allowed on most games with Ace foundations and King foundations, and you can read all about it here:

“Meeting in the Middle”    November, 2016

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