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Solitaire Tip 1: Building Under

There are simple solitaire strategies that can be used in many different games to really improve your play! This first one, which I call “building under”, can be applied to any solitaire game where empty tableau piles can be filled with any card, and ordered stacks can be moved.

Here is an example from one of our newest games, Topsy Turvy Queens Solitaire.

Solitaire Tip

In this case, I want to reach the 9♠. Even if I move the Q-J-10 of spades to one open column and the 6♦ to the other open column, I still won’t reach the 9!

Topsy Turvy Queens Solitaire Tip

However, I can use cards from the deck to build under the 3 like this.

Topsy Turvy Queens Solitaire Strategy

Once I have a 5-4-3 of diamonds, I’ll be able to move it on top of the 6♦, and that will leave one more column free!

Solitaire Strategy

Now I’ll be able to reach the 9♠.

Solitaire Tips

And then move more cards to the foundations!

Topsy Turvy Queens Solitaire

Again, this game is Topsy Turvy Queens, available in our Solitaire Free Pack or Solitaire MegaPack.  If you’d like to learn more strategy tips for Topsy Turvy Queens solitaire, check out this strategy article, or you can play this exact same hand of Topsy Turvy Queens by clicking THIS LINK.

Here are some other games where you can make use of the “building under” solitaire strategy.

Alternations Medium
Alternations Easy
Blind Alleys

These games all allow you to move ordered stacks AND you can put any card or stack in an empty column.  If you like Topsy Turvy Queens, you might like them too!





Topsy Turvy Queens Solitaire Instructions

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