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Three Shuffles & a Draw

When we found out that Three Shuffles and a Draw was one of the most popular, hard-to-find solitaire games out there, we knew we had to add it to our Solitaire Free Pack.  3 Shuffles has been in the Solitaire MegaPack for several years now, but now you can play it for FREE on your Android phones and tablets with the Solitaire Free Pack!!

So what makes 3 Shuffles and a Draw so popular?  There are similar fan-style solitaire games, like Trefoil and La Belle Lucie.  With so many options for free Android solitaire games in the Solitaire Free Pack, why was 3 Shuffles such an important addition?  Well, I think it’s all about the draw!


The name is misleading, since you start the game with only 2 shuffles at your disposal.  I’ve heard that the shuffle before the hand is dealt is the first of the three, which is easy to overlook in a mobile game that uses no real cards at all.

Tableau piles build down in suit, but only one card can be moved at a time.  This part is important because you want to be careful not to block a future move as you play.  Foundations build up in suit starting with the Aces.

After playing for a while, we end up with the layout below:


There are plenty of hearts to move to the foundations.  We can eliminate all the way up to the 10♥, which will allow us to access the 2♦ after moving the 5♣ over to the 6♣.  An empty Tableau space cannot be filled.

When all possible moves have been made, tap the Shuffle button.  This will pick up all the Tableau cards, shuffle them and deal them out like so:


You may be wondering how to see the face card suits in these stacks.  There are 2 simple options.

1) Either double tap a stack to expand the pile and expose all of the cards:



2) Go to the Appearance screen under Options and switch to the large graphic card style:


 And now we can see the rank and suit for face cards easily.  shuffles6Continue to make moves until you come to an impasse, then tap the Shuffle button again.  At this point, the Shuffle button becomes the Draw button because you are out of shuffles but you now have the option to use your Draw.

To use the Draw, tap the Draw button, then tap the card you want to move to the top of the pile.  In this case, I want to move the 10♦ to the top because otherwise I will be blocked from winning.


The stack will be picked up, reorganized and put back where it was.  Now the win is a cinch!

shuffles8 shuffles9

So if you want to try this fun and unique solitaire game on the best solitaire app for Android, look for our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack on the Google Play Store.

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