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Free Cell Explained

What you might not know about Free Cell People play it everywhere.  In offices.  In waiting rooms.  Even in the senate.  But who really knows how Free Cell solitaire works? The answer may surprise you! All kidding aside, we do get emails from customers who don’t understand why one stack of cards can move but another stack
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Master in Minutes – Wasp Solitaire

Here it is!  The best way to discover a new solitaire game! Learn how to play Wasp Solitaire with this quick and easy video.  In just over a minute, you’ll see a whole game played through from beginning to end. Download our Solitaire Free Pack or Solitaire MegaPack from the Google Play Store or Amazon
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Fun with Fan Games

Have you ever played a game that looked like this? If you enjoy solitaire, but this game and its many three-card piles is a mystery, you’ve come to the right place. This is a fan-style game. The fan category includes games like Trefoil, Three Shuffles and a Draw and La Belle Lucie, and I’m going
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Winning at Picture Gallery Solitaire

I did not expect to like Picture Gallery.  A customer requested it for our Solitaire MegaPack for Android and I was really surprised that it became one of my favorite card games!  Picture Gallery Solitaire is also available in our Solitaire Free Pack.  All you need is an Android device and you can play this
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To Win and Love Montana

I think I’ve played more hands of Montana Solitaire than any other game.  It is also known as Addiction Solitaire, and rightly so, as it is a very addictive card game.  However, some people say “Montana!  I can never get anywhere in that game!”  Well, today I’m sharing my Montana strategy so you, too, can
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Aces & Kings and King’s Corner

** This app update was released on August 22nd. We hope you enjoy it! ** We’ve been working on a lot of new games for the Solitaire MegaPack and Solitaire Free Pack. Aces & Kings has been especially interesting. I always try to win each new game before approving it for the app, and so
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