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Solitaire Tip 4 – Meeting in the Middle

Many double-deck solitaire games have foundations that meet in the middle. What does that mean? Let’s take a look: Algerian Solitaire One of the most played games in our Solitaire Free Pack! ♣ The tableau builds up or down in suit. Empty spaces fill with any card. ♥ Foundations build in suit, up from Ace
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Master in Minutes – Fission Solitaire

Fission is a fun and fast-paced solitaire game.  It’s easy to learn but hard to explain, so let’s do it the easy way – in a 2 minute video we made this week!     So, now that you know how to play, let me show you a couple of things. As the video explains, once the Fission stacks divide,
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Addiction Solitaire Strategy

When I learned this solitaire game, it was called Montana. Today it is often referred to as Addiction solitaire. It IS addictive, once you know how to play!   A popular addiction… This is also my all-time favorite solitaire game.  Three years ago, I wrote a strategy article called To Win and Love Montana, and it is
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Tip 3: Wait for it! Conquering auto-fill solitaire games

Some solitaire games seem so limited, they almost play themselves. So what’s the point? Well, let me show you some simple solitaire tips that will make all the difference in games you may have thought were all “luck”.  Let’s look at the game Royal Cotillion. In Royal Cotillion, foundations (center) build up by twos in suit, so the 3♠ could play
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Master in Minutes – Eight Off Solitaire

If you like FreeCell, you’ll love Eight Off, and you can learn this game in 2 minutes or less with our new video: How to play Eight Off Solitaire.  Check it out right here:     Cool things about Eight Off Solitaire: The tableau builds down in suit, so it is easier to see and
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Tip 2: Clearing a Column

What solitaire strategy is shared by both Spider and Topsy Turvy Queens?  These are seemingly opposite games.  Spider solitaire is a suite-building game, whereas Topsy Turvy Queens has foundations.  But by exploring just a few basic solitaire tips, you can easily play any game like an expert! Many of the most popular solitaire games like Spider,
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Solitaire Tip 1: Building Under

There are simple solitaire strategies that can be used in many different games to really improve your play! This first one, which I call “building under”, can be applied to any solitaire game where empty tableau piles can be filled with any card, and ordered stacks can be moved. Here is an example from one of our newest games, Topsy
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Topsy Turvy Queens Strategy

This was one of the most requested games in our company’s history. I can hardly wait to introduce Topsy Turvy Queens solitaire! Here’s how to play. A double-deck game, the top row has 8 foundations which build up in suit, starting from a King, then building up from Ace to Queen.  When the Queen arrives on the
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Pyramid Strategy

Pyramid Solitaire is a favorite among solitaire fans.  This is one of those great classic games that has been passed down through generations.  I learned it from my grandmother, back when we still used real cards.  Amazing how some things are timeless that way.  Sure, these days we play on phones and tablets, but the
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Grandma’s Game Tips

A customer wrote in asking for tips to play Grandma’s Game. This has always been one of my favorites! It is also one of the most unique, hard-to-find games we offer in our Solitaire MegaPack. First, I’ll explain the basics. Cards are dealt to the Tableau and Stock. Tableau cards can be played onto Foundations
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