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Solitaire Free Pack Celebrates 4 Million Downloads

Tesseract Mobile, a St. Louis based software development firm, has been making solitaire games for Android since 2009. Today, their Solitaire Free Pack celebrates 4 million downloads from the Google Play Store.

Tesseract Mobile celebrated their 8 year anniversary earlier this year. In the spring of 2009, their first solitaire app was launched onto the Android Market, now called Google Play. “Android was a different place back then.” says Laura Ockel, co-founder of Tesseract Mobile. “We were among the first 10,000 apps. Less competition, fewer rules, only one screen size. In many ways, it was a lot easier. On the other hand, there weren’t books on Android back then. It was ‘The Wild West’, as we say.”

Josh Frank installed network wiring for Archway Technologies, a one-man company he’d started in 2006, the year he and Laura Ockel met. She was a graphic artist in the fashion industry. When Google’s first phones came out in ‘08, Josh saw an opportunity to pursue his life-long dream of programming, here in the new frontier of Android apps. He got the G1 phone for Christmas and spent evenings and weekends learning to code while continuing to install network cables by day.

In the meantime, the design firm Laura had worked for over 8 years was going out of business. “St. Louis had a thriving fashion industry for most of the 20th century, and one by one, those places disappeared. When my employer closed its doors, there was nowhere left to go.” says Laura. “I had to do something new.”

Josh wanted to make apps, but those apps needed a designer. Laura was a designer who needed a new path. Together, they would create something that would entertain people for years to come.

They started by making the first Montana Solitaire app for Android. Laura recalls, “Since Josh was still working full-time, I did a lot things I never expected, like pseudocode and XML. Fortunately, I had a lot of experience playing solitaire, so I knew what a fun solitaire game should be.”

The Solitaire MegaPack was launched in November of 2009. It combined Montana and their other stand-alone solitaire apps to create a solitaire collection. More games are added each update, most from customer requests, so that today the app has over 250 solitaire games. The Solitaire Free Pack premiered January 2010 with 10 games. Today, it has over 100 free solitaire games and 4 million downloads!

But the Solitaire Free Pack is also rich in features. In 2015, they designed a one-tap UI that improved gameplay by making moves in a single tap. Next, the Solitaire Free Pack introduced a new scoring system and sound redesign featuring instrumentals by artist Adam Brock. In 2016, they added over 100 downloadable backgrounds. This year, they are adding interactive charts and a dazzling new animation system.

The Solitaire Free Pack is available for download today in the Google Play Store at this link: Solitaire Free Pack

The Solitaire MegaPack is the deluxe version of the Android solitaire app with over 250 games and no ads. It is available for immediate download from the Google Play Store for just $2.99, just follow this link: Solitaire MegaPack

Tesseract Mobile is a St. Louis-based Android development firm creating free card games for Android mobile phones and tablets. Please visit http://www.tesseractmobile.com/ for great solitaire strategy articles.

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