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Solitaire Demo Videos

We have been working on a series of videos to demonstrate how to play some of our most popular games.  Check out our YouTube channel here:




Or check out this video on how to play Mod3 Solitaire, which is one of my favorite solitaire games:

Mod3 is a lot like Picture Gallery.  The only difference is that open spaces in the tableau can be filled with any card, which gives you the opportunity to get around an otherwise blocked hand.

And here is a video on Hidden Quilt Solitaire, which is our own special variation on the popular Crazy Quilt Solitaire.  For you fans of Crazy Quilt, our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack both contain both versions of the game.  The only difference is, in Hidden Quilt, cards are face-down until they are movable.

So there are just a couple to get you started.  We are hard at work making more because we want it to be fun and easy for you to find new, awesome games.  Most of our games come from customer requests, so you know we have the best variety of the most popular games.  Check out the Solitaire MegaPack and Solitaire Free Pack on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store today.  Download now and start the fun!



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