Tesseract Mobile

Save & Restore Your Stats

Step 1:

First, you need to update to the newest version available.  This is IMPORTANT because you must save and restore your stats from the same version.


Step 2:

Go to your statistics.  You can do this by tapping on the italicized “i”, and then tapping “Stats”.



Step 3:

Save your statistics by tapping on the “Save” button.



Step 4:

Your stats will automatically save to a stats file by tapping the “Select” button.  This action will save the stats file to your SD card.




Restore Your Stats

Step 1:

After saving your statistics, you can transfer them in a few different ways depending on your device:

  • You can transfer your stats from the Solitaire Free Pack to the Solitaire MegaPack when you upgrade.
  • You can transfer your SD card to another device.
  • You can use a file manager to email your stats.
  • You can use a service such as Dropbox to move your stats.


Step 2:

Tap on the “Restore” button, and then tap the “Select” button again.  This function will automatically choose the stats file created earlier.  Your stats will then be restored!

***If you are playing a Casino game with a bank balance it should automatically restore your bank balance.  Now, if it does not (THIS PART IS IMPORTANT), do NOT make any moves!  Immediately tap on “New Game” in the Casino Klondike game you are playing, and your bank balance should be restored. ***



*** If you are looking for the instructions on how to save and restore your the old stats, please follow this link: http://www.tesseractmobile.com/save-your-stats/

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