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Restoring Stats From Different Versions

Step 1:

First you need to make sure you have saved your stats.  Follow this link for further instructions on how to save to your stats: http://www.tesseractmobile.com/save-your-stats-2/.  If you are saving and restoring your stats from the same version, follow the instructions in that link.  If you are saving and restoring your stats from two different versions, follow the instructions below.




Step 2:

Next you need to download a file manager.  We recommend the Total Commander – file manager app.  It is free, and gets the job done!

*** You do not have to download this app.  Some devices have their own file managers.  However, this tutorial will show how to restore stats from different versions using this app.***




Step 3:

After installing the file manager app, open it and tap on the “File system root” file or the “Internal shared storage” file depending on your device.




Step 4:

Next you will tap on the “sdcard” file.

Backup3 copy



Step 5:

Then tap on the “Solitaire_Backup” file.

Backup4 copy



Step 6:

If you saved your stats you will see something like the screenshot below. Longpress the “SolitaireDatabase.db.90” file until you see the dialogue box shown in Step 7.

Backup5 copy



Step 7:

Tap “Rename”, and the dialogue box shown in Step 8 should appear.

Backup6 copy

Step 8:

This is the most important part. Rename the file to whatever number you see at the top of the screen you see when you save your stats “SolitaireDatabase.db.#”. In this case you would change it to “SolitaireDatabase.db.91”.




Step 9:

After you rename the file, you will restore like normal.  Tap the “Restore” button, and then tap the “Select” button.

Backup9    Backup10

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