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Pumpkin Carving Night

Tesseract Pumpkin Night

Tuesday was our first ever company “event” – Tesseract Mobile Pumpkin Carving Night.  Check out the awesome pumpkins from our awesome team :)

Luke2Our company logo, carved by Luke Murphy.


JenniferOur Solitaire MegaPack logo carved by Jennifer Oldfather


Laura2sOur Gin Rummy logo carved by me, Laura Ockel


AlexisThe Ace of Diamonds by Alexis Behrle


JoshAnd the Android logo, carved by Joshua Frank.  It was the first pumpkin he ever carved :)


Now here are a few some images from the evening…

20151020_164416I don’t know which is scarier.  The sign threatening to shoot you, or the creepy guy in the shadows.


20151020_164920They had A LOT of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!


20151020_165955Does a Psycho Wizard really need a sign to identify him?  And what’s with the scythe?


20151020_164511There were many of these seemingly random tableaus in among the pumpkins.  The Wizard of Oz?  Really?  Why doesn’t the lion have fur?  So many questions…


20151020_164641Yes, those are stuffed gorillas in the trees.




20151020_164715I really wanted someone to take my picture laying on the giant pumpkins.  Luckily, there were signs warning me against it.


20151020_164752The petting zoo was very educational.


20151020_164854Cute pun-kin tree :~)


  20151020_171140So many gourds!


20151020_171803I loved this hanging corn!


  20151020_180457-1Even though my fridge was broken on Tuesday morning, I still managed to put together some decent snacks for the party, including this Halloween-toned vegi tray.


20151020_190728-1With our snacks and drinks prepared and the dining room table covered in newspapers, we set about carving our pumpkins.


20151020_203213-1Josh was the only one who’d let me post a picture of him.  I don’t think he’d seen the insides of a pumpkin before :)


20151020_203740I’d never carved a white pumpkin before, but they didn’t have any big ones, so I ended up carving the most intricate design onto the smallest pumpkin.  Here’s how it looked starting out.


20151020_202415This is the spade that Jennifer removed from her pumpkin.




And this was one of the marvelous cupcakes Jennifer brought over.  She did hot pepper cupcakes and pumpkin spice cupcakes.  They were so good!

After dinner, we all came back and finished up our designs.  It was a lot of fun.


All and final

In case you are wondering, here are links to the tools used to carve the pumpkins, and the LED lights (which were awesome) all purchased on Amazon:

Lectro Lights Remote Controlled Halloween Multi Color LED Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Light(4)

Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit

Dremel 7000-PK 6-Volt Pumpkin Carving Kit

Leegoal 19-Piece Pottery Tool

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