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Play Grandma’s Game for Free

I wrote a strategy article on Grandma’s Game a year ago, when the game was still exclusive to the Solitaire MegaPack, called “Grandma’s Game Tips“.  That wasn’t even the first piece I’d written on it. I was so impressed by the game I wanted to share it, even back in April 2013.

And now, as of Tuesday’s update, Grandma’s Game is available in the Solitaire Free Pack! You can now play Grandma’s Game solitaire for free on Android in the Solitaire Free Pack.

The game is really a great find. We heard about it from a customer requesting we add it to the MegaPack. At the time, I could find almost no reference to it on the internet, and no mention in books or other solitaire collections. The one source I found said the game was often passed down in families, from grandmothers, hence the name. I could relate. I learned a lot of card games from my grandma on my dad’s side, and my grandma on my mom’s side taught me Accordion and Clock. But I’d never seen a game like this one! It was hard to figure out how it would work in our app. We decided to automate a lot of the complicated details but still show them in the animation.

Play Grandmas Game Solitaire

Quick play instructions:

♥ Foundations (shown with A or K) build in suit, up from Ace to King or down from King to Ace.  Move any card to the Foundations at any time.

♣ When you run out of plays, tap the deck. A card will be turned up to the workspace (bottom). The stack of cards from the corresponding tableau pile will also be brought to the workspace for you to sort.

♦ The cards on the left will end up on top. The cards on the right will be on the bottom. Organize the cards from left to right so that the cards you’ll need soonest will be closest to the top.

♠ Remember, you can play any card to the Foundations at any time. You can also move cards from one Foundation to the other of the same suit when the ranks meet in the middle.

Grandmas Game Strategy

Here is the same game, a bit further along in the hand. I was surprised that it looked so good with this background. I thought the colors were great for October. And this is a great hand to play while learning the game.  You can play the very same hand of Grandma’s Game solitaire by tapping the button below using an Android device:


If you don’t already have the Solitaire Free Pack or Solitaire MegaPack, the button will first take you to the Google Play Store to download the Free Pack. Then it will open this very same hand of Grandma’s Game solitaire.

I beat the game in 143 moves.  Can you do better?


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