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Master in Minutes – Eight Off Solitaire

8 of Hearts Laura Ockel

If you like FreeCell, you’ll love Eight Off, and you can learn this game in 2 minutes or less with our new video: How to play Eight Off Solitaire.  Check it out right here:



Cool things about Eight Off Solitaire:

    • The tableau builds down in suit, so it is easier to see and quickly choose what moves to make.


    • There are 4 more cells than in FreeCell (or there will be, if you can free them up).


    • This is like the solitaire aficionado’s FreeCell.  Everyone has heard of FreeCell solitaire, but this is the game that inspired FreeCell.  True story!   Eight Off also inspired the variant known as Baker’s Game, named for C. L. Baker.  Baker’s Game looks like FreeCell, but the tableaus build down in suit like this.


    • Our Solitaire MegaPack has two additional versions of Eight Off.  In one of them, Eight On, all 8 cells are filled at the beginning of the game, whereas in the other version, Eight Free, all 8 cells are empty.  Eight Free is a bit easier, and Eight On is slightly harder, so there’s an option for every mood.


    • I’ll give you an easy hand to start out with:


how to play eight off solitaire

You can play this same hand of Eight Off just by tapping this button using an Android device:


It didn’t take me long to get to a winning position, as you can see in this screenshot.  So it should be a perfect hand to start with.  I always like to learn a game by playing a good hand.  Otherwise, you’re so busy trying to find a move, you can’t remember how the game plays.  Well, if you ever need a reminder in our apps, just tap the light bulb button in the bottom center.  That’s the hint button and it will queue through showing the available moves.

how to play eight off solitaire2

Eight Off and FreeCell are available in our Solitaire Free Pack for Android.

Those games PLUS the other games discussed in this article – Eight On, Eight Free, Bakers Game – are all available in our Solitaire MegaPack app for Android.  The Solitaire MegaPack is the deluxe version of the app, with over 200 games and no ads for only $2.99.

Look for these great solitaire games on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.





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