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Climbing Pyramid climbs the charts

A Tesseract Mobile exclusive game, Climbing Pyramid solitaire is a fun, fast-paced solitaire game. It plays like the classic Pyramid solitaire except for one very important difference.

Climbing pyramid

Cards are unlocked twice as fast!

Cards can be removed as soon as just one bottom corner is revealed, even if the other bottom corner is still covered. This allows the player to climb the pyramid and eliminate it faster than ever! Take this game, for example.

Climbing Pyramid Tips

In this screenshot, all of the cards with the blue highlight can be paired and removed. In case you’re not familiar with the classic Pyramid Solitaire, you can remove any pair of cards that add up to 13. Jacks are worth 11, Queens worth 12, so the pairs that can be removed are Q+1, J+2, 10+3, 9+4, 8+5, 7+6. Kings are worth 13 so you can just tap on them to remove them. So… once you remove the pairs highlighted above, you end up with the game below.

Climbing Pyramid Solitaire

And that doesn’t look like any Pyramid game you’ve played before. Maybe that’s why people like it so much! Climbing Pyramid was just added to the Solitaire Free Pack for Android in October. Amazingly, it is already one of the top 40 games in the Pack. It is climbing the popularity charts faster than any new game I’ve seen before!

Would you like to play this very same hand of Climbing Pyramid solitaire? If so, you can just click on THIS LINK from your Android device. That will take you right to this hand of Climbing Pyramid… unless you don’t have the newest version of the app.  Then it will take you to the Google Play store to download it!

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