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Three Towers & Wild Towers – August, 2010

The newest of our speed solitaire games!

Similar to TriPeaks or Golf, the goal is to eliminate the entire Tableau. Cards can be discarded if they rank one higher or lower than the upcard. For example, any 3 or 5 can be played onto the 4 in the above game.

Discarding long runs of cards will gain you extra points. Like all of our speed solitaire games, you have to move quickly before time runs out!
Poker Square – July, 2010

Try to make the best possible poker hands in each row and column.

Poker hands are scored as follows:

Royal Flush – 100 Points (Suited Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10)
Straight Flush – 75 Points (5 Suited cards in sequence)
Four of a Kind – 50 Points (4 Cards with the same rank)
Full House – 25 Points (Three of a Kind and a Pair)
Flush – 20 Points (5 Cards with the same suit)
Straight – 15 Points (5 Cards in sequence)
Three of a Kind – 10 Points (3 Cards with the same rank)
2 Pair – 5 Points (2 Pairs of cards with the same rank)
1 Pair – 2 Points (2 Cards with the same rank)

Intelligence – June, 2010

A double-deck version of La Belle Lucie, this game indeed requires “intelligence” to master.

Foundations build up in suit. The Tableau builds down in suit but only the top card of a pile can be moved, so any move you make will limit your future maneuverability.

Although challenging, you cannot lose too quickly and the Shuffle button gives you 2 more chances.
Alhambra – May, 2010

Unique because in this game, there is no Tableau. Reserve piles can ONLY play onto Foundations OR onto the Waste Pile.

Foundations build in suit (Ace piles build up, King piles build down. Cards are turned up from the deck one at a time. If they cannot play onto the Foundations, they are moved to the Waste Pile. Cards from the Reserve can play onto the Waste Pile provided the destination card is the same suit and one rank higher or lower. Two redeals are allowed.

Try this game if you enjoy a challenge. Alhambra is very difficult to win.
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