Tesseract Mobile

How to Save a Favorite

On the left side of each game name, there is a black heart with a gold diamond on the inside.  If you tap it, the heart will turn gold, and the game will be listed as one of your favorites.  Below you will find a few different ways to access your favorite games.


First Way:

The first way is in the Game List Drawer.  Swipe at the left side of your screen, and slide the drawer out.  This drawer includes a list of all the games, plus an Options, Appearance, Stats, and Instructions button at the top.  After you tap on the black heart and it turns gold, the game will automatically move to the top of the list.  The top of the list is where you will find all of your favorite games.
















Second Way:

The second way is in the Change Game Screen.  First tap on the gold button with the cards to access the Change Game Screen.  After you tap on the black heart and turn it gold, the game will stay in its place.  The game will not move to the top of the list.  Instead, tap on the “Favorites” tab for a complete list of all your favorite games.



If you have any questions, please contact us at support@tesseractmobile.com.  Thank you!

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