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Forty Thieves will steal your heart ♥

I know two people who consider Forty Thieves solitaire to be their favorite go-to game. It has that special charm that drives a long-term love. Allow me to make an introduction…   2 Decks  ♥  8 Foundations build from Ace to King in suit 10 Tableau stacks of 4 cards, build down in suit  
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Russian Easy is easy to love

Russian Solitaire is one of the most popular games in our solitaire apps for Android, but I think you’ll like Russian Easy Solitaire even more! The only difference between Russian Easy and the original Russian is that only Kings are allowed in empty spaces in Russian. This really limits your possible moves. Whereas in Russian
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Countdown to 2017 with Clock Solitaire

Looking for a way to pass the time as you ring out 2016?  Well what could be more timely than Clock Solitaire?! The game is mindless and easy. Just tap the cards as they are turned up. Each card is moved to its corresponding place on the clock. So the 10 above will go to
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Climbing Pyramid climbs the charts

A Tesseract Mobile exclusive game, Climbing Pyramid solitaire is a fun, fast-paced solitaire game. It plays like the classic Pyramid solitaire except for one very important difference. Cards are unlocked twice as fast! Cards can be removed as soon as just one bottom corner is revealed, even if the other bottom corner is still covered. This allows
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Play Grandma’s Game for Free

I wrote a strategy article on Grandma’s Game a year ago, when the game was still exclusive to the Solitaire MegaPack, called “Grandma’s Game Tips“.  That wasn’t even the first piece I’d written on it. I was so impressed by the game I wanted to share it, even back in April 2013. And now, as of Tuesday’s update, Grandma’s
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Royal Cotillion; Invitation to the dance

Royal Cotillion solitaire is one of those games that takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master, but here is some Royal Cotillion strategy to help you on your way! This is a double-deck solitaire game.  The Foundations are in the center and build in twos in suit, so the piles shown with an A build:
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Pyramid Solitaire – the Bronze Winner

Klondike is, of course, the most popular solitaire game.  With all the solitaire variations available, Klondike is still nearly synonymous with solitaire.  The second place winner is Free Cell.  But what is the third?  Amazingly, in our Solitaire Free Pack, the third place for game popularity goes to Pyramid Solitaire.  The bronze medal winner from the
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Chinese Solitaire

Do enjoy playing Yukon, Scorpion, or Klondike solitaire? If so, you will love Chinese Solitaire. It combines aspects from all 3 games! Watch the video we made which shows how to play Chinese Solitaire, and get playing!     Chinese Solitaire is available in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android.  Download today
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Double Klondike Solitaire

There’s regular Klondike Solitaire, and then there’s Double Klondike Solitaire. Double the FUN!! Watch this video we made, and start playing today.     Double Klondike Solitaire is available in our Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack apps for Android.  Download today and start the fun!  Look for the Solitaire Free Pack on the Google Play Store or Amazon
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Windmill Solitaire is unique because of its enormous center foundation.  Unlike most foundations which contain a single suite of cards (Ace through King), Windmill’s center foundation will receive 4 full suites when the game is won.  Also unique, all foundations in Windmill build regardless of suit.  As such, the strategy for Windmill solitaire is unusual but
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