Tesseract Mobile

Challenge a Friend

What is this Challenge button? What does it do? How does it work? Take a look at this tutorial and find out!

Step 1:

First you must win a game. Once you have won a game, you will see the Challenge button in the fireworks display.



Step 2:

After tapping the Challenge button, a screen will pop up that looks like this.  This is just to give you an idea of the next screen you will see.  Tap the button that says “Let’s go!”.


Step 3:

Google will make some suggestions on who you can send a Challenge to.  Tap on the people you want to challenge, and send them the Challenge.



Step 4:

If you are accepting a Challenge, you will receive an email looking like this.  Tap any of the buttons on the invitation to accept the challenge.



Step 5:

Start playing, and try to beat your friend’s score!

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