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Cappuccino Background by Toa Heftiba

This beautiful image from Toa Heftiba is full of delight and whimsy. Scrumptious cappuccino, the fine detail of a lantern berry, the pages of a book, subtle colors and rich textures combine to create an enchanting mood and a beautiful photograph. This is the newest background for our famous solitaire apps for Android, the Solitaire Free Pack and Solitaire MegaPack.

y94 toa-heftiba-106428Photo by:  Toa Heftiba

This is one of those brilliant images that look perfect in both landscape and portrait view. Here you can see it shown with the popular, addictive game, Three Towers Solitaire:

Three Towers Solitaire

Three Towers is one of our “Speed” solitaire games. The game is played with a countdown timer, and no undos are allowed. This makes for a very different kind of solitaire game with the heart-racing rush of an arcade game. I’ve been known to play Three Towers solitaire for hours. It’s always “just one more hand before bed”… but you know the drill. It’s nice to enjoy the things you enjoy.

If you would like to enjoy the very same hand of Three Towers Solitaire shown here, just tap this button using an Android device:


That will take you right to this hand of Three Towers in our Solitaire Free Pack.  If you don’t have the app, don’t worry. The link will take you right to the Google Play Store to download it!

Here is another view from later in the game. Did I win? Play it yourself to find out!

Three Towers Solitaire

Check out more of Toa Heftiba’s beautiful photography on Unsplash at unsplash.com/@heftiba, and see her fantastic website displaying more of her food photography and talents as a Marketer and Creative Designer at: heftiba.co.uk.

Big thanks to Toa for sharing her photography and thank you Unsplash.com for making it possible!




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