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Aces Up

Aces Up

Still loving it after 1000 hands!

Aces Up


There are many great solitaire games, but few are as easy and fun as Aces Up!  I’ve easily played a thousand hands of Aces Up, and it’s still one of my favorite go-to games.  Maybe it’s the thrill of dealing out those 4 cards again and again.  Will you get good cards, or will you get blocked?

Let’s play through a hand and see…


Here we go!  Now what?






Keep on in that manner until all of the cards in the deck are gone.


You won’t win Aces Up very often, but that’s what makes each win so special.  I played more than 70 hands before I won the first time.

The hands are quick and easy.  Sometimes I lose a deal that I think could have been won if I’d played differently.  In those cases, I might restart the game and try moving the cards around (when there are free spaces that allow it) to see if that makes a difference.  Sometimes it does.  You could call it “cheating” but I call it “research” :~)

Aces Up is available in the Solitaire Free Pack and the Solitaire MegaPack.  If you have an Android device, you’ve got to check out this fabulous game.


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